An English girl in Paris, part deux: the Palace of Versailles

One of my all time favourite films is Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, so during my first ever trip to Paris I was determined to take the time to visit the Palace of Versailles. Excited to see the beautiful architecture and interior design that had captured my heart in the film, I was utterly amazed when I finally got to visit the palace of dreams.

After a very long walk up to the gates, I admired the view from the heights of Versailles and took my place in the queue. I had already enquired about Versaille’s entry fees, but was delighted to discover that being under 26 meant that I could explore the palace for free!

Upon entering the palace, I was spoilt for choice on where to look. Every inch of every room was adorned in intricate prints, gold detail and furniture that looked far too pretty to sit upon.

From lights to windows and even door handles, every small bit of the palace had been decorated to perfection. It was such a beautiful place and so mind-blowing to consider how much time, effort and money must have gone into decorating it.

This room was my favourite; one of Marie Antoinette’s. It was featured heavily in the film and so I was delighted to be in there myself. Some of the furniture was preserved by cellophane and tour guides were giving extensive talks about the French Revolution.

My visit took a lot of time out of my 3-day trip, but it was completely worth it. It was lovely, too, to explore the surrounding parts of Versailles. Although central Paris was divine, lots of it was filled with tourists. Strolling around Versailles felt like I was truly experiencing a little bit of France in it’s purest form.

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