Intergalactic Makeup based on the Illamasqua Sophie-I Technique

On a mission to spread the word about the ultimate smokey eye, Illamasqua have recently launched the Sophie-I campaign, including a step-by-step tutorial for how to create a classic makeup look.

Inspired by the shapes that they had used but excited to create a new spin on the look, myself and Mixed Gems regular Bridget decided to play with some glitters and gems to add some sparkle to the look!

To start with, I lined Bridget’s eyebrows and filled them in with glitter.

Next, I adapted the Sophie-I technique for creating a smokey eye, bringing in a bit of Peaches and Cream drama, and coated her lids with glitter instead of shadow.

Following this I began to play with Bridget’s face. I used a thick coat of foundation to give her a flawless look, then used bright pink blushers to compliment the tones in her glitters.

When contouring Bridget’s face, I used cooler pigments so that the look was fresh and icy.

A finishing touch that complimented the glitz of this creation, I added a few silver and pink gems to frame her eye makeup and ensure that this was the feature of the makeup look.

Et voila! Initially I had hoped that Bridget might look like a (very pretty) alien, but by the time we’d finished I was picking up on a bit of a Black Swan vibe! Perhaps this was down to her enormous ballerina-style bun? What do you think?

I’ve entered this look into the Illamasqua competition for interpretations of the Sophie-I look. Keep your fingers crossed for me and if you’re interested in entering then click here for all of the information you’ll need.

Would you like to see what Bridget looked like the last time I did her makeup? Click here to see how she emerged after a Zoo Project inspired leopard makeover.

Zoo Project Inspired Leopard Makeup Tutorial

When it comes to playing with makeup, one of my favourite models is my friend Bridget Shanklin. A fellow beauty enthusiast, she is always open to experimenting with different styles and colours and can always be persuaded by a MAC Cosmetic or two!

Yesterday, Bridget was going to a safari themed event so it was time to transform her into a leopard. Eager to strike the balance between looking glam and not being a costume party pooper, we took inspiration from the Zoo Project makeup concepts that clubbers favour in Ibiza.

This is what I used:

  • Peaches and Cream glitter in Nicky (one of my all time faves!)
  • Glitter fixing gel by Spectacular
  • MAC Pigment in Tan
  • Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake in Mislead

To start, we used the Nicky glitter to give Bridget glittery smokey eyes. (This YouTube glitter smoke tutorial by Kate Peach is fantastic – I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to experiment with this look.) I blended MAC eyeshadows in Amber Lights, Mulch and Carbon to create a smokey spectrum that went from gold into black. Then, I added the Nicky glitter onto her actual eye lids and then finished the look with my eyeliner.

Next, we started to play with leopard print on one side of Bridget’s face. She knew that she wanted to wear all of her hair to the left hand side so we added some leopard print to the opposite side of her face. To start with I used my Mislead eyeliner and drew on my leopard print. This involved mixing up some plain dots, some little wavy lines and predominantly little couplets that would frame a circular patch of print. It comes solid and has to be mixed with water, making it really easy for you to develop any consistency that you desire.

Initially, this was in small patches on her forehead, cheek, jawline and neck. Targeting these areas meant that Bridget was adequately covered but that her contouring was still evident.

Upon closer inspection, Bridget decided that she wanted more. It appeared that the animal in her was beginning to unleash! Soon, we decided to take the leopard print all down one side of her face, and then thickening the print on her neck with larger spots.

Shading the print was the most fun. A majority of the print was shaded with the Tan pigment. I mixed the pigment with water to form more of a paste; this was much easier to apply and held a lot better than its normal powdery consistency. This was a brilliant choice because it caught the light beautifully and photographed brightly, but wasn’t too crazy considering that Bridget had an event to go to. Then, for small splashes of prettiness we filled some of the spots with the same Nicky glitter used on her eyes. A combination of silky golds and bling glitter, this leopard was ready to prowl.

Bridget was really happy with the finished product and so was I. We had a lot of fun doing it, too! I think next time I try this I might do a multi coloured version using more of my Peaches and Cream glitters and some of my Lime Crime Magic Dust Rainbow.

Top tips for achieving this look:

  • Don’t worry about being neat! The beauty of leopards is that their spots are varied and unpredictable. If you make a mistake, who cares? That’s what the glitter is for, ha ha.
  • Remember to keep the colour theme consistent throughout your makeup. In Bridget’s configuration, this meant using lots of bronzing powder on her face and highlighting her cheekbones with a golden toned Vanilla pigment from MAC.
  • Try not to make it too symmetrical. Remember, you’re supposed to be an animal.

Let me know if any of you try this, and be sure to link me to your Zoo Project photographs.

“It smells delicious!” – Aunt Sponge, gazing at James’ giant peach

 A peachy announcement!

A Peaches and Cream cupcake

In November 2010, when Peaches and Cream teamed up with me to host a ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder’ themed Bed-In at the Bluecoat, a lasting love affair began. Since then, we have kept in contact to discuss numerous ventures such as their University of  Peaches and Cream classes, their exclusive nail collections and most recently teamed up to create a visual concept for another of my blogs, Bluebird. Now, in an exciting new leap, the girls have decided that it is time to nurture me into becoming their newest, succulent peach!

Peaches and Cream Barbie

I will be training in make-up artistry with the Peaches and have been set the challenge of being peachy perfect by their most exciting pamper day: the Aintree Races. For my first trial, I asked my friend Bridget if I could practise my skills on her before her night out. Here’s what happened…

To begin I started working on Bridget’s eyes. We did these first so that we could wipe off any powder that spilled onto her cheek before going on to apply her foundation.

Bridget wanted a soft, smokey look so we used some gold shades to warm up her eyes.

I added some liquid eyeliner to sharpen Bridget’s eyes and add a little feline fun. Meow!

We finished off Bridget’s look with some bronzer, blusher and of course a set of fabulous false eye lashes. Here she is proudly posing with my University of Peaches and Cream handbook.

This is the first time I’ve followed the Peaches guidelines so hopefully my skills will soon blossom. If you are interested in taking a make-up class with the Peaches, click here for more information. You may also be interested to hear that this Monday the Peaches appeared on BBC3’s How To Live With Women. Follow this link to watch what happened when the girls took on a very bruised and rotten peach…

In the foreword to Express Makeup by celebrity make-up artist Rae Morris, the following is proposed by Natalie Bassingthwaighte:

“(Make-up artists) can make you feel like a million dollars on days when you can hardly bear to look in the mirror, and they have the ability and expertise to transform you completely.”

I couldn’t agree more. Hooray for the Peaches!