Dream Jobs – the Permanent Makeup Artist: Hayley McCaughran of Blushious Contour

Through working at Peaches and Cream during my time in Liverpool, I’ve met some real characters. One girl who really captures the spirit and passion for the beauty industry that Liverpool ladies all seem to have is Hayley McCaughran. Hayley works in the beauty industry as a semi-permanent makeup artist. She launched her own business, Blushious Contour, in May of 2011 and specialises in micro pigmentation.

Micro pigmentation involves using needles to apply pigment to the dermal layer of the skin. It is a permanent makeup procedure, meaning that the pigments applied will remain there forever; however, it is often described as a semi-permanent procedure because skin regeneration can cause the pigments to appear to have faded, and so clients often choose to top up their procedures. Hayley caught up with me to discuss her job, her business ethic and to tell me all about why this beauty craze has taken off so well in Liverpool.

When did you first realise that you wanted to pursue permanent makeup?
My mum was a permanent makeup artist and watching her carry out such excellent work with her clients inspired me to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Before I trained in permanent makeup I went to college and gained an NVQ Level 3 in Beauty. This gave me additional knowledge in normal makeup application.

If you could choose your favourite permanent makeup procedure, what would it be and why?
My favourite procedure to carry out is an eyebrow enhancement, especially if a client has no hair or very little.  Being able to design an eyebrow shape for an individual requires you to understand them as a person. I believe that an eyebrow shape can tell you a lot about a person through the shape, thickness, colour and boldness.

You’re based in Liverpool, a city famous for it’s immaculately groomed girls and beauty lovers! Do you think that this has given you a stronger platform to pursue a career in beauty?
Most definitely!  I have worked in the likes of London, Marbella, India and Dubai, and there is no-one like our Liverpool ladies. We are all about the big hair, those luscious pouts, the smoky eyes and the eyeliner flicks that accompany it all. Permanent makeup is now the way forward for those who love waking up looking perfect; they don’t have to worry about taking an extra 20 minutes to draw on their eyebrows or eyeliner. We are a nation of ladies that know how to look good and feel good, and being from this city has certainly made me want to put my own personal flair into the beauty industry.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your job?
I’d say every day is a challenge but an enjoyable one I may add. The reason for this is that every client is different. Some people desire the bold, brass look of make up; some desire that soft, subtle look. My job requires me to listen to my clients on a one-to-one basis and talk with them about what they want to achieve from having permanent makeup. I’m dedicated to helping those who wish to boost their confidence, and so this is a challenge that I take on every day and thoroughly enjoy.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?
I love seeing the end result of my work. The before and after images I collate for my portfolio make my job worthwhile. I love seeing people’s reactions to how their whole facial structure can change; I can make them look younger or give them an instant face lift. I have worked with clients who have alopecia, or those who are in remission of cancer and have lost all of their hair through chemotherapy; tattooing an eyebrow or eyelash enhancement on for them and seeing the joy in their face is the best feeling in the world. I just love making someone feel like themselves again.

You’ve recently launched a new website with lots of information about you, your family and your background in business. Do you think you’ve learned a lot from your parents?
My mum and dad are my idols. Growing up, I wasn’t your typical girly girl. I was my dad’s right hand man so to say. I helped my dad with his business of selling quads and even helped out on market stalls my dad had around the country. This was the best form of business advice that anyone could gain as it involved direct contact with members of the public. I learned how to sell, how to pull the crowds in during auctions, make sure that stock take was right, pay wages… everything someone in business should know. He and my mom have always pushed me to follow my dreams and always told me to believe that anything was possible if I was to put my mind to it.

As well as demonstrating a passion for the beauty industry, I think Hayley is a great person to show just how easily business skills can be transferred from one profession to another. If you’re unhappy in your current line of work, why not try something new? Maybe you’ll find your own dream job.

To contact Hayley for more information about Blushious Contour and her services, you can find all of the relevant information by visiting her website below.


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