Bluebird Makeover

 An account of my transformation from girl to Bluebird…

Those of you who have met me for more than five minutes will be well aware that I don’t do anything half-heartedly, and so when I was appointed as the ‘Bluebird’ at the Bluecoat my mind went into overdrive. A bird brainstorm began to take over my Moleskine notebook and winged words were beginning to drive me cuckoo. But as much as I love to write, I couldn’t help but feel that I needed to embrace the visual sense of a Bluebird in order to fully engage with my role. Wanting to feel physically acquainted with my inner bird, I knew there was only one solution… I would simply have to pay a visit to my good friends, the Peaches, at Peaches and Cream!

With elaborate hair nests and Black Swan in mind, Kate took to work on my little pale face. Here’s a guide to the journey that we went on…

Post nest-crafting, here I was bare faced and ready to be made up. We had planned on using Cadbury’s Creme Eggs for my nest so we devoured the spares and cracked open a bottle of Rose wine for some cheeky inspiration!

How amazing were these lashes! Despite being decidedly hen-like, we voted against them this time in order to truly channel the blue theme. A definite must for any future aviary projects, though.

Now for stage one – the eye make up. Lots of make up artists recommend applying eye make up before anything else on your face so that you can remove any residue that may drop to your cheek and Peaches and Cream are no different. (If you’re looking to brush up on your make up skills why not enroll in one of their make-up classes? You can click here for more details.)

With Lancome foundation and MAC blusher applied, the basis of my make-up was complete. Although an exquisite evening configuration, this wasn’t quite birdy enough. Now for the real fun to begin!

Adding a blue trim to my hair line, Kate began to sculpt a new shape to my face to make me look like my flying alter ego. Influenced by the transitions that Nina experiences in Black Swan, we loved the idea of shading the skin on my neck to seem as though feathers were bursting out from under my skin.

Isn’t it lovely when everything falls into place? Parading around the parlour like a peacock, the girls and I came to take some photos and giggled with joy when we took the time to realise what a brilliant background was right in front of us… a section of faux grass on the floor! Laying down (unable to stop laughing – finding a photograph of me NOT in hysterics proved difficult) I embraced my eggs and nest to capture that back to nature shot that complimented the Bluebird theme most.

All of the pampering and posing became oh so tiresome, so it was time to kick back on the Peaches couch with my good friends Elton and David…

So there you have it, a brand new beaky me! These photographs are going to be used on my new blog, Bluebird. I’ll be writing about my experiences at the Bluecoat, Liverpool’s creative hub, from the perspective of a little bird that watches over all of the action. If you haven’t already seen my first Valentine’s post then there’s no time like the present.

If you think you’d like to pay a visit to Peaches and Cream then pop along and say hello. They’re located right in the heart of Liverpool on Dale Street and are happy to help you create the perfect look for all of your occasions. With the likes of Rebecca Ferguson and Alex Curran in their little black book, they are the masters in making any girl feel fabulous. Take a look at their website for details of all that they have to offer.

Thank you so much for my make over Peaches!xxxx