An English girl in Paris, part une: street art

This weekend I took my first trip to Paris. With lots to see the majority of my trip was spent walking, and along the way I noticed some incredible examples of street art.

Some pieces of art were so small they were almost unnoticeable. This little picture was near the ground of an enormous wall, just down a side street that pretty much lead to nothing.

Other pieces were impossible not to see. I was so excited to see this wall as I’ve seen it pictured in lots of graffiti and street art books. Can you spot the supermodel toward the bottom of it?

…here’s a close up. It was Kate Moss! She turned up in a few street art pieces that I saw.

Sharing the love was this little tag across the road from the University of Paris. I noticed it about the place quite frequently.

Stickers played a large part in the street art scene. Isn’t this multi-coloured owl beautiful?

Often street art pieces were juxtaposed. I don’t know about you, but I can’t really see a connection between these two? One thing is for sure, they both look great in their own way.

This mosaic piece was quite unusual. Unfortunately it had partially broken, but luckily the writing is still legible. I only speak basic French but would be interested if anyone could tell me what this translates as?

Lots of squidgy, cartoon pieces were painted with vivid colours. I noticed similarities to the work of Lewes Herriot, a Birmingham based illustrator.

My short trip meant that I didn’t find the time to visit the museums I was hoping to see, but with sights like this around the streets, I definitely think I caught the magic of the Parisian art scene.

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