Twiggy vs Edie Sedgwick: Monochrome Mod Makeup

One thing I’ve always wanted to try for a night out is a really mod makeup look like Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy. Both wore similar monochrome looks, but each had slight variations.

Twiggy’s mod look featured very soft eyebrows and some black shading in the socket of the eye. She liked to draw on little lash imitations on the lower lash line.

Edie’s mod look consisted of a really strong set of brows and her socket shading even flicked out to the sides a little. She often took her socket shading as far as to the side of her nose.

I decided to marry both of these looks and create a mod look for my friend Flora. Flora’s skin is flawless so I knew this all-about-the-eyes look would be great on her, and she’d just had her hair cut into a really mod shape so she was the perfect model.

What I combined:

  • Soft lid colour from both looks
  • Liquid liner along the lash line from both
  • Edie’s slightly flicked socket shading
  • Edie’s strong brows
  • Lashes that mimic Twiggy’s drawn on lower lash lines

Do any of you follow the Pixi Woo YouTube channel? I watched the Twiggy YouTube tutorial for some ideas and it was really helpful. In particular I found it great that she showed me which brushes she was using; anyone can see a picture of a makeup and try to replicate it, but I believe that you’ll only be as successful as your brushes.

First of all I used a white eyeshadow on Flora’s eyelid. Then, I took a black eyeshadow and created a flicked shading in her sockets. Next, I took a liquid liner and lined her upper lash line. I coated just her top eyelashes in mascara… you’ll see why in a minute!

To make Flora’s eyes look bigger, I actually created a fake lower lash line for her. I used white kohl liner on her water line and then I used white eyeshadow under the water line to give the impression of a larger eye. I didn’t apply any mascara to her lower lashes as I was going to pretend that they weren’t there! Using a black liquid liner, I drew on a false lash line lower down her eye.

I used two sets of lashes on her, top and bottom, and both were a No.55 lash from Peaches and Cream. These lashes are perfect for a mod look because as you can see they’re kind of gappy and so they mimic Twiggy’s drawn on lash lines. When applying these lashes to Flora’s lower lash line, I applied them onto her new false eye line. Unfortunately these lashes are currently out of stock at Peaches but I’ll be sure to post on my Facebook/Twitter pages when they’re back in.

What do you think? Would you wear this on a night out or do you think it’s a look best left in the 60s? I can’t wait to experiment with it now that I’ve had some practise.