Indian Princess Inspired Makeup

This evening I had my friend Jade over for a creative makeup session. Over the weekend I was working in Peaches and Cream for the first time in a while, and seeing all of the amazing makeup that the girls were creating really got me itching to do something colourful.

Earlier this week, my friend Lucy who owns a vintage boutique called Preserved Vintage asked me if I’d do the makeup for a photo shoot of hers this weekend. She asked me if I had any ideas for makeup and I thought back to the time Kate did me an Indian inspired makeup look, as pictured below. When I suggested it to her she loved the idea, so I thought it would be wise to refresh my memory and try it again on Jade before the big shoot.

First of all I chose a selection of bright colours to use within the makeup. Here was my colour kit list:

  • Illamasqua blusher in Excite (coral)
  • Illamasqua powder eye shadow in Sex (white)
  • Lime Crime magic dust in Lime Criminal (green)
  • Lime Crime magic dust in Troubadour (turquoise)
  • Peaches and Cream glitter in Lizzie (white with gold reflects)
  • MAC Pigment in Melon (peachy bronze)
  • Lime Crime magic dust in Circus Girl (yellow)
  • Lime Crime magic dust in Cupcake Thief (pearly pink)
  • Peaches and Cream pigment in Strawberry Shrimp (pink)

To start with I used the Illamasqua pure white shadow as a dramatic highlighter on Jade’s brow bone and inner eye. Then, I took the Melon pigment across her lid. I used the green Lime Crime pigment to blend Jade’s socket and the turquoise to line under her eye. To give the look extra shape, I added some contouring to the side of her nose by putting some Peaches and Cream pigment under her brows and adjacent to the bridge of her nose. I also made sure that I filled Jade’s brows in so that the darkness of them would contrast the brightness of her eye colours.

Next, to really add an Asian inspired twist, I applied Jade’s eyeliner. I took the liquid liner above her lash line and spilling over onto her inner eye, and I started her liner further back from the socket underneath her eye. Jade’s own lashes were so thick that I didn’t apply any false lashes.

Once her eyes were finished, it was time to get started on Jade’s base. I used a new purchase on Jade’s cheeks, an Illamasqua blusher in a bright coral colour, and it looked stunning. The blusher is highly pigmented and I only needed to dust her with a small amount for a real colour pop. Then, I used a creamy highlighter along her cheekbones to give myself an outline, and topped this up with the bright yellow Lime Crime pigment to give her contouring an extra pop. This, to me, was what really made the makeup feel asian inspired.

To finish Jade off I used a subtle pearly pigment from Lime Crime on her lips. I mixed it with a clear gloss so that we could use it as her lip colour. I think that these colours made Jade look very doll-like, and I am excited to see their brightness when contrasted with the darker skins of the models I will be working with this weekend.

Although I was happy with this look, I think there was one thing that really made it shine… the beautiful Mareband that I put on Jade! Big Mare had made it for me this weekend and the bright colours in the band seemed to compliment this look perfectly. She makes all sorts of amazing bands and can make custom orders, too. See more from her collection by clicking here.

Be sure to pay Jade a visit and tell her what you thought of her makeup – she has a terrific blog called A Little Lipstick.


  1. realy like the photos as well. good work all round

  2. love!!!! this look

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  4. Hey thanks for your nice post on makeup tips and techniques. The most important thing on makeup to me is shaping eye and nose which turn the whole makeup fruitful! whatever, I agree with your all techniques and really a good work. I have been learning many makeup tips from a professional Makeup school which really helpful. You can have a look here. Thanks again for your awesome tips.

  5. Charlene Velas says:

    this is awesome!

  6. WOW! It look great!

  7. So gorgeous, you’re a truly talented artist! The fact that you enjoy your craft just shines through…

  8. Looks awesome!

  9. SUCH a beauty! Rose – a fantastic makeup artist and Jade – a beautiful model. xxxxxxxxx


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