Ladies Day at the Grand National 2012 – the Most Fashionable Guest


Over the weekend, I was working at Peaches and Cream to help out during one of the busiest times of year – the Aintree Grand National. With three days of races, girls flock to Peaches for amazing makeup to accompany their new dresses, killer heels and flamboyant accessories.

On this occasion I undertook front of house duties and worked the desk with Big Mare. It was a really lovely position to see the weekend in because I saw every single girl that came in and out and made sure I took photographs of every transformation. In between answering the phone, selling false eyelashes and cornering everyone with the camera, I found the time to do one very special makeover… a Chanel chic for Big Mare!


Those of you that have read my previous posts about Peaches will know that Big Mare is co-owner Kate’s mom and is a mother figure to everyone in the shop (some clients included, ha ha). She was off to the races on Friday with her beloved Paul and she wanted a nice makeover to suit her lovely outfit. Kitted in a monochrome Chanel attire, I decided that it would be nice to keep her makeup classic and chic just like Coco herself!


Big Mare has got lovely skin, but just to be safe and ensure that I created a look that would bring out her features in the nicest way I used these tips from Kate about doing makeup for more mature skin:

  • Apply foundation with your hands. By avoiding my foundation brush, I felt that I gave Mare’s foundation a softer finish and managed to really work it into her skin.
  • Avoid too much highlighter. I used MAC Strobe Cream under Mare’s foundation to give her a dewy glow, and then I avoided using highlighter on her cheekbones in case it accentuated any fine lines. I still used it under her brow bone because her skin was great there.
  • Go for a soft, blended eyeshadow. Rather than attempting to add any contouring to Mare’s eyes or go for a lighter to darker look, I blended some brown shades to give her a full smokey look. This meant that any fine lines around her eyes were less visible.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen photographs from Aintree (if you haven’t, you can read these pieces from the Daily Mail on Thursday and Friday) but to me the most fashionable lady at Aintree would have to be Big Mare. It was Coco Chanel that once said, ‘a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous’, and I think it is fair to say that she is flying the flag for both!


Thanks for a brilliant weekend Mare xxx