Immortalised in glitter… Fame at last!

Unfortunately, the only thing you can be sure of in life is that one day it will be over. With this in mind, I am happy to know that whatever may happen to me, my legacy will live on in the form of this exquisite Peaches and Cream glitter! Named after yours truly, Rose, this gorgeous magenta colour is now available to buy from the shop in-store or online. We have all been having a laugh in the shop that this one will definitely fly off the shelves because I’ll be excitedly buying all of them!

One of the most popular makeup looks that Peaches provides is a ‘glitter smoke’. One of our Peaches, Polly, created a tutorial on the Peaches blog the other day about how to achieve this look – take a peek at the tutorial by clicking here. This look can be adapted to suit any colour that takes your fancy (we’ve launched a huge range of glitters all named after our nearest and dearest) but today all of us Peaches modelled our own signature glitters. Here’s a look at a Rose glitter smoke!

I am also excited to use this colour on my lips. The fixing gel we sell to use with these will mean that it will stay put wherever you need it to, be it eyes, lips or anywhere else on your body. Here’s a look at me with Nicola, modelling her signature Nicky glitter, a classic gold that will never fail to turn heads.

What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite glitter from the online shop and have a play with a glitter smoke. At just £4.00 a pop, you can afford to be as daring as you wish. I’ve chosen my five favourites here, complete with stories about who they were so carefully named after…

This champagne coloured glitter is most frequently used by one of the Peaches, little Katie, and looks gorgeous on all skin types. If you can’t find it among the other glitters in the shop it is usually because Katie has it at her beck and call ready to dust over her clients on a Saturday!

One word springs to mind when I see this glitter, ‘bling’, and it’s exactly the same word that could describe it’s muse, our very own Scratch Dollface. Known for her dirty laugh, her incredible nail art and her hip-hop style, Delia is the perfect ambassador for this glitter that you can’t help but fall in love with.

Named after the gorgeous Steph Blower, this glitter is as lovely as it’s name-same. During my first week at Peaches I had a date and Polly threw this on me in a glitter smoke! I remember thinking ‘Oh my god, can I really go out with someone for the first time wearing this?!’ but was too shy to say anything, and then when she’d finished I was eating my words because I felt a million dollars. What I love about this glitter, too, is that it’s soft enough to dust over your highlighter.

Dark with a hint of silver, this beautiful glitter is like something you’d get if Balmain made cosmetics. Worn to perfection by our favourite wee hen, the beautiful Cheryl Ballinas, it reminds me of the many times I’ve picked up the phone, heard a Scottish accent, and known exactly who it is wanting her makeup doing!

The queen of the smoky eye, Miss Toni Grant, is the perfect model for this beautiful black glitter. No one rocks a smoke like Toni, she is one of the clients that you can always guarantee to have a laugh with and she has always had patience with me in the many tight corners we’ve been in during my training! (I’d love to think that this may be something of an in-joke but on the particular day I am referring to Kate was filming. Something tells me that this footage will come back to haunt me and amuse Toni one day soon.) If you love a smoky eye but want something that extra bit glitzy, this is the perfect remedy.

To purchase your Rose glitter follow this link, and be sure to explore the other shades while you’re there.


  1. That is totally gorgeous! Congratulations to you, that is really awesome. What a great look, too🙂

  2. These glitters look amazing ! I know I don’t need another pink glitter but… SOOO tempting. Also, had no idea about this brand – are they UK exclusive??

  3. Adore all of these different glitterly shadows! I’ll definitely have to get one🙂

  4. Love these glitters! I’m using the gold loose glitter from MAC, which is much more finer than this. But these look amazing for a night out!

    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog!🙂

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog and liking my post!❤

  6. Wow that is some fabulous glitter eye makeup! I have some glitter from MAC which I have used for special occasions, I’d love to try one of these here. The pictures are cute!

  7. Okay wow – TOTALLY want this!

  8. i can’t wait to try. i have no eyelashes or eyebrows anymore (chemo) so i have been looking for fun things to do with my eyes to make them feel more dramatic. thanks!!!

    • Hello Sky Blue, thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about your chemo and I hope you’re feeling better soon. The glitters will be the perfect way to try something different, they’re so striking! Do let me know how you get on xxxx

  9. fashionvandals says:

    oh wow, these are great colors! i think i’ll have to check these out for myself.

  10. Oh, that is super gorgeous! Nothing makes me feel more girly than makeup.🙂 And thanks for following my blog!

  11. How fun to have glitter named after you! And love the smoky eye look you created using it – gorgeous!
    Fashion + Beauty + Lifestyle

  12. Dayna Flowers says:

    I absolutely love this!

  13. omgge i❤ it!!!

  14. Diamond Phoenix says:

    A girl after my own heart. I love anything covered in glitter and rhinestones. And now I want to go home and play with all my makeup and recreate this look. Amazing!

  15. Thank you for following me! I love the glitter! It puts me in the mood for the holidays especially since my Thanksgiving break from school is next week. LOL! I really like Rose, Delia and Cheryl.

  16. what girl doesn’t LOVE glitter?

  17. Ooooh, these are lovely! How awesome to be immortalized in glitter!

  18. Any fan of GLITTER is a friend of mine!!! Lovely images and lovely colours. What a fun blog!🙂

  19. Loving these colours, perfect to sparkle at Christmas!

  20. I love glitter and your namesake color is lovely! I don’t wear make-up much these days but I just thought the other day one thing I would still enjoy wearing and make an exception for is glitter!🙂

    • Good choice of product! Some of the finer glitters on the website are more twinkly and soft if you wanted a less dramatic look? I’d recommend giving ‘Lizzie’ a go, very light and subtle xxx

  21. Just came to check out your blog this morning and what’s the first thing I see? Glitter? I just about choked on my coffee; they all look so beautiful. This is definitely something I can’t wait to show to my fellow girl-bloggers at The Twenties Project. Thanks for the follow!

    Love, B

    • Haha thank you, they’re definitely show stoppers. I’m excited to start reading yours, have read a few books recently aimed at twenty-something girls and am eager to learn more. Look forward to speaking to you soon, Rose x

  22. So glad to stumble across your blog. Awesome glitter that I want for my eyes this Christmas!!! How much for both glitter and gel? xx

  23. Very nice blog and love the rose glitter smokey eye look, just beautiful.

  24. Wow, all looks gorgeous! (: Love the Delia shade.

  25. LOVE that i can finally express my love of this blog through my own blogger-persona😉 keep it up rosey-g! xxx

  26. Ooh I’m always on the hunt for a good glitter – these look like they have really great coverage, I can tell what the ladies in my family will be getting for christmas! xxx


  1. […] doing it, too! I think next time I try this I might do a multi coloured version using more of my Peaches and Cream glitters and some of my Lime Crime Magic Dust […]

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