Exploring My Lime Crime Magic Dust Rainbow

A few weeks ago fate and luck collided to bring me an amazing makeup surprise. Pay day had arrived and I was planning on purchasing the Magic Dust Rainbow from Lime Crime. I had used their eyeshadows before, one more gorgeous than the next, and so my plan was to purchase this package which includes all 16 of their colours at a slightly discounted rate. Fortunately, the discount was to be greater than I had ever anticipated!

Normally Lime Crime sell this package for $190.00, $34.00 cheaper than if you were to purchase each shadow individually at $14.00 each. However, on one particular evening Lime Crime reached 55,000 fans on Facebook and so they launched a 24-hour 55% off SALE! Excited and amazed, I invested not only in my Magic Dust Rainbow but also in three of their gorgeous lipsticks (at this price, it would have been obscene not to). Isn’t the packaging beautiful? Not only are the purple and yellow glittery boxes so pretty, but the products themselves come cased in a similarly bright and unicorn-clad attire. My makeup box has never looked prettier!

What I love about Lime Crime Magic Dusts is that they are so bright. Their light, powdery consistency goes on so smoothly and easily but still stays fresh and bright throughout the evening. Here’s a very blue look I created using three of their colours: Twilight on my lid, Empress as my under eye liner and Shoe Addict along my socket. I also used some black MAC eyeshadow in Carbon to intensify the corners of this look and give it a little bit more shape.

As always, no makeup look is complete without a Peaches and Cream false lash. Keeping it classic, I used a No.9 strip eyelash to add some drama to this look. You can purchase these lashes from the Peaches and Cream online shop.

For ‘Tales of the Unicorn Queen’ from an inspiring makeup artist, visit Doe Deere’s Blogazine, it will brighten up your day.



  1. I like your version far better than the promotional model’s! Pretty colors!

    • I love your blog, I applied a little make-up a long while ago and wrote about it in my first book ‘Getting Out Excerpts from a cat’s Diary’ the consequences were not very nice, but then a Cat in make up is not nice at all!

      Keep up the good work!


      The Cat

  2. Thanks for liking my post. Peace be with you.

  3. The colours you use for make-up is lovely and you look absolutely beautiful! It be good to try drawing you ^_^ Nice to meet you, Thx for following me and liking one of my posts! x

  4. Envious of your haul! Been wanting to try Lime Crime too because as you said, the colors are fantastically bright!😀 Need to find a reseller here in the Philippines.🙂

  5. Wow I am impressed by the beautiful eye make up. You look very stunning. I have not the first clue about makeup so I admire anyone that can do a good job at it, and yours is especialy fab.

  6. Love the scarf you chose to set this look off… also, I enjoyed perusing your website …”Mixed Gems” — a name befitting of all this site has to offer.

  7. Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing make-up! Although now, I do want it all!
    Sammie x x

  8. Never heard of this line before! I’ll have to check it out🙂

  9. I love Lime Crime’s lipsticks – I’ve used the yellow, green, and blue in my photography. How funny I came here and this is the first thing I saw!

  10. This is a beautiful look, also I can’t stop looking at that scarf!! Is it handmade or did you buy it? If so, please tell me where🙂

  11. ameliaflorencesimmons says:

    Thanks for following lovely! It took me precisely 5 seconds to click onto your blog and realise I was going to love it!

    I’ve only tried Lime Crime lipsticks, but I adore them (and they have unicorns on the packaging, which is completely brilliant), but I definitely want to try the dusts now.

    Looking forward to checking out your beautiful blog properly🙂 xxx

  12. Never heard of Lime Crime, but the colors look gorgeous on you!

  13. Wow!!! Awesome shopping hahaha…
    I just bought 3 itens but I am happy with all of them too =)

    Come check my blog giveaway =)



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  3. […] Bridget was really happy with the finished product and so was I. We had a lot of fun doing it, too! I think next time I try this I might do a multi coloured version using more of my Peaches and Cream glitters and some of my Lime Crime Magic Dust Rainbow. […]

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