“We are obsessed with makeup!” – AMZI Cosmetics

 AMZI Cosmetics
Exclusive interview with founder Angie Muldoon

I was devastated the day that I first met Angie Muldoon.

The day in question was a lovely Sunday afternoon and so I decided to pop along to Leaf on Bold Street to visit my good friends, the girls behind Pillbox Vintage, as they held their Retro Sundays at Leaf vintage fair. As I sipped my cappuccino and tottered around the stalls, I noticed a new smiling face among the sellers. The very day that I had arrived with just enough money for a coffee and some cake, Angie was parading her amazing range of products, from MAC to Benefit to theBalm, and I was unable to delve into her makeup bag. You name it, she had it – mascara, blusher, eye-shadow, glitter… it was like taking candy from a baby! Nevertheless, Angie and I got talking about all of her favourite cosmetics and she even told me about the new online boutique she was soon to be launching. As well as stocking her own brand of AMZI Cosmetics, Angie would be selling lots of her favourite established brands and picking and choosing her personal favourites to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

After sincere disappointment that I had missed my chance to replenish my makeup bag with some AMZI essentials, I was delighted to hear that the AMZI Cosmetics website had finally launched the other day! Too excited to keep the news to myself, I asked Angie to tell me her Top 10 products and why she loves them so much. Here’s what she had to say…

AMZI According to Angie

Having a cosmetic website and my own brand of cosmetics gives me incredible choice when it comes to my own makeup bag. I could tell you that I only use my own brand but I am not going to do that. Like everyone I have my favourites, and sometimes I get bored and fancy a change. This is what I am using at the moment.

 Amzi Cosmetics Dual Mineral Foundation
What I love about it is firstly it stays on like you can’t believe and I have oily skin which would usually look shiny by lunch time but not anymore! I use this foundation by applying it directly onto the sponge but if you wanted you could wet the sponge and this would give you a dewy finish.

theBalm: Cabana Boy
I love the colour, a raspberry pink, and it also has a slight shimmer to it. The packaging is so cute and retro, and the magnetic clasp means it won’t open in your bag. I think it’s just the right colour of pink – I would say most days I wear Cabana Boy.

Urban Decay

I use this 24/7… the pencil is getting small now that I have sharpened it and used it so much! The best thing about 24/7 is that is so soft and just glides on and, yes, it stays put.

 GWP Estee Lauder Mascara
This is will surprise you, I am using a GWP Estee Lauder mascara. I sell them on the website and, although they are only small, the brush is amazing. It’s a slim brush that really lets you get in-between all of your lashes and gives you such a full, false lash effect.

Eye shadow
AMZI Cosmetics Eye Shadow
I am so happy with my AMZI eye shadow range that I am not using anything else – in fact, I might list all of my other eye shadows on eBay. The pigments are so strong and the colours so intense; when used wet they do double as eye liner. I have had such positive feedback on the eye-shadow range.

theBalm Bahama Mama

This bronzer is completely matt with no orange undertone. It spreads beautifully and gives you a just-off-the-beach glow.

AMZI Cosmetics Lipstick and theBalm
AMZI’s lipstick is just the right texture, not too dry, not too sticky and stays on for hours. I also have theBalm Read My Lips in shade ‘Scoop’ and I alternate between the two.

Blinc Eyebrow Mousse
I like it because I find I don’t need much to get the desired effect.

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer
If you have never heard of this you have to try it! It is so much better than Benefit’s High Beam because it does not take your make up off as it is a shimmer powder. The container is so cute and you will love taking it out of your make up bag. This should last you a forever as a little goes a long way.

AMZI Cosmetics Primer
This foundation primer is a MUST to provide a flawless finish to the face. It helps to seal and protect the skin’s moisture balance. It is excellent to use under Dual Mineral Foundation (as above). If you are not using a primer this is the one thing you should definitely do!

 So now that you’ve heard from Angie, I’m guessing you’re tempted to see what all of the fuss is about? Have no fear! Angie has kindly offered readers of Mixed Gems an exclusive 10% discount code to be used when shopping online at www.amziboutique.com. Just enter ‘launch promo’ at the checkout to claim your discount.

Happy shopping!

(P.S I’ll be trying and testing some AMZI Cosmetics soon, so be sure to keep an eye for an AMZI review on Mixed Gems!)


  1. Stephanie Babet says:

    The first AMZI Cosmetics links you mention works, the one at the bottom of the article doesn’t x

  2. Stephanie Babet says:

    Just tried the link to AMZI Cosmetics but it’s not working😦 Sounds absolutely fabulous though!


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